Reading Life

So far this year my reading life has been completely revamped. I’ve already read more books in these 7 weeks than I did all of my sophomore year! At the beginning of the year I wasn’t too sure if I would actually read during the first ten minutes of class. I was lucky enough to actually pick out a book randomly and really like it. There’s something about reading a book that you actually want to read instead of being assigned one. It makes everything about the book more enjoyable knowing that you don’t have to write a report about it after you “finish” it.

As a reader I feel like I’ve already improved. I’m not say that I do nothing but read everyday, but I’ve definitely done more so that I can make more time to read. “The Graveyard Book”  was really one of the first books that I’ve read that made me want to flip to the next page to find out what happened. I know it’s cliché to say that I could see a movie playing in my head, but I really could. I saw Bod with Scarlett meeting the Purple Man, I saw Bod and the man Jack running around the graveyard.

I feel like I could challenge myself more with the books I read. “Heat” was the first book I read this year and I really got into it. Although it was a really good book I feel like I could read something more difficult. Michael Arroyo in the book was against all odds and he still beat them. I was inspired to do more because after the book I really felt that feeling of “anything it possible.”

I finished both books in about 3 weeks each, but I still feel like my reading life can improve. By the end of the year I want to try to finish every book I read in a time closer to 2 weeks. Reading isn’t something new to me, but reading, comprehending and actually wanting to read more is.

2 thoughts on “Reading Life

  1. My heart sang when I read this line: “Reading isn’t something new to me, but reading, comprehending and actually wanting to read more is.” Thank you for the teacher gift! 🙂

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